Enjoying Bangla Blogs

Hi, everyone.

Sorry for writing in English. I can’t write in Bengali, but I am learning. Soon I could write in Bengali.

This is my 1st writing on Bangladeshi website. one week past, searched for ‘Bangla blog’ and found nice information about some Bangla blog from Bangladesh directory. There I read some nice reviews about Somewhereinblog, Amar blog, Mukto mona, this, and many others. Then I visited those blogs. I am flying now. Within some days, I fall in love on Bangla blogs, specially somewherein and amar blog. Those are big communities with lot of groups. People sharing their thinking or others participating. Some are creating fun by funny writings, some are posting serious type writings. Also people are getting help from here. Atheists vs Believers fighting is also interesting. Sometimes they are protesting something together and sometimes one against another. Actually, I think, Bangla blogs are the best places for Bangladeshi people to express their thinking and sharing many things.

I am a Bangladeshi, now studying at England. I am lonely here and feel passion when I see Bangladeshis and Bangla communities. I already registered at Somewhereinblog and ShopnoBaz blog. I will start writings after learning Bangla writing with Avro. Avro is super. Best of lucks and happy blogging.

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